From traditional to digital, these are some personal projects.




Having grown up in Malaysia, a melting pot of cultures, my drawings take inspiration from both Eastern and Western influences, from manga to Art Nouveau, traditional Eastern iconography to Western decorative arts.


It was important to me, being self-taught in Adobe Photoshop for over ten years, to be able to transfer those skills between other programs in the Creative Suite. By practicing on various vector projects, I hoped to train myself to think in shape rather than form.



As fulfilling as it is to design to a specific brief, being able to have creative freedom—and translating that to another interest of mine—is a different kind of joy. Working without restrictions and to do so without having to consider anything outside of aesthetics brings a different kind of satisfaction. With these reworked screenshots from Final Fantasy XIV, I often tried to convey a particular feeling (nostalgia, longing, acceptance, serenity) rather than to express a particular theme. Being more free to experiment, these types of personal projects have been important in the development of my skills, as well as in the training of my visual standards and vocabulary.